24 May 2011

Weekend in Review

Wow! This time the weekend is just wrapping up on Tuesday. That's certainly got its pros and cons. Staying active usually keeps me from getting too melancholy, especially while I'm just getting used to living further from my friends, but this baby-making is hard work at the same time - I'm tired!

On Friday night, hubby had to work late, so just Maggie and I went to karate class. Afterward, I wanted to go out and enjoy a sit down dinner. So when I asked what she wanted for dinner, and she said McDonalds, I suggested we go somewhere, "Where we sit down and the waitress brings us our food." Maggie changed her restaurant of choice to Red Robin. After a nice meal and (of course) a balloon, we headed home for some rest.

Saturday Maggie and I got out of the house really early so hubby could do some work on the hardwood floors. The original plan was to put another coat of polyurethane down and preggo me couldn't be around the smell, so the girls headed to Meijer, and washed the car, and got drinks at 7-11 before picking daddy/hubby up again at 11AM to really start the day.
Once the whole family was together, we headed to Mimi and Papas house, where I dreaded (but accomplished) bra shopping with Mimi, and then we all headed to a memorial service for Gigi, who passed away in February. While it was supposed to be a generally sad occasion, it was really nice to catch up with family we don't necessarily see very often. A few families planned to meet up again on Monday for the funeral/burial at the cemetery a few hours north. It doesn't sound like anything out of Funeral Planning Today, but it worked for us.

On Sunday we headed to a three-year-old friend's birthday party. Talk about extremes - our day to day conversation went from Medicare Supplement plans to potty training! The party was at a play place about 20 minutes from us. I was happy to check it out, and we had a good time, so we may consider being visitors there again.
After the party on Sunday we headed to a BBQ with one of hubby's co-workers and some of his friends and family. The co-worker's mom was quite entertained by Maggie, and I enjoyed a few minutes of not chasing her myself!

Monday we headed up north for Gigi's burial. We got super-lucky with the weather, and a torrential downpour struck...just minutes after we left the cemetery! Maggie and I went home with Mimi and Papa from there, so hubby could finally have us out of the way so he could finish the polyurethane.

Today hubby made the trek to Mimi and Papa's house to bring us back home just after lunch time. What a long weekend!!
Next weekend will be three-days for most people - what are your big plans?

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siteseer said...

we were glad to have you around for a while over the weekend. You need to do that weekly so you can get some much needed rest :)