20 May 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. It's finally a nice-looking day out!! Maggie and I are going to go check out the birds' nests under the deck. There was quite a racket coming from there yesterday evening, so I think there will be eggs!
  2. I'm having another artichoke this morning - YAY!!
  3. I'm expecting a print order to arrive. If they updated my shipping address like I requested, it should be here today. If not, it'll probably be in Westland today and forwarding to the new house soon...
  4. There's a little bit of taco meat left from dinner last night that I can use to have nachos for lunch - YAY again :D
  5. Have I mentioned that the view out my office window is awesome? It is.
  6. We have two choices for lunch: The ham sandwich you asked for (even though it is bologna, Maggie calls it ham) or nothing.
  7. When will summer get here and STAY?!?
  8. I need to get back on the phone this afternoon and book more shows/sell more chocolate!
  9. We have a busy weekend! I want to start it off with a bath for Maggie tomorrow. This will be an ambitious plan, as hubby wants us out of the house so he can do the floors again ASAP.
  10. Well, I've got some explaining to do. Maggie is now insistent that Gigi's cat died. Gigi with a cat? Huh?

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Gigi killed that cat years ago lol. That is if there ever was a cat :)