27 May 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Visited the midwife again today. She said last week's ultrasound shows that my placenta is in front of the baby. Which means the amount of movement I'm feeling is probably less than there actually is. So I think I'm having a gymnast :)
  2. I tried vacuuming our master suite after Maggie went to bed, but something that loud in a new house (to us) was too spooky for me. Maybe I'll do it after hubby gets home, or tomorrow when the sun is shining.
  3. Crap. I thought the grandfather clock would reset its chimes if I turned it off and turned it back on, but it just chimed like five times for 10:00 PM. Whoops. Guess I'll need to read the directions. Add that to my to-do list for tomorrow.
  4. I'm really looking forward to making city chicken for lunch or dinner tomorrow. With asparagus and rice. I was going to make it tonight, but my schedule went from bad to worse all day long...
  5. I think I may finally hear hubby with the truck getting back here for the night. Which means I need to think of five more random things quickly so I can go help him. :)
  6. Like the fact that I eliminated two more boxes from the master bedroom (okay, one just had to go into the closet, but it's off the floor, anyway..).
  7. And that I have to do a one-hour glucose tolerance test next month at the midwife :(. (I never did this when I was pregnant with Maggie.)
  8. Paying bills isn't much fun when there are two houses worth of expenses :(
  9. Maggie was totally freaking out about a fly in the family room tonight. She said he opened the door and came in, and now I needed to catch him. Spiders I can do with the vacuum cleaner. Live flies? Not so much. Note to self: Get a fly swatter for the new house.
  10. Yup - it's him! See ya!

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siteseer said...

did she get her bugcatcher after the fly incident? She can catch him and watch him and magnify him lol