13 May 2011

Planning for Gifts

With this month being centered around the big move, we've talked a lot about things we need for the house, and how we may get them for each other 'disguised' as custom birthday gifts for men, or for me, or even for Maggie. Maggie's room, for example, will get new furniture for her birthday (with her old crib and nursery furniture moving to the nursery for the new addition).

I'd like to find something cool to get hubby for his birthday next month, but two things are stopping me. First, I seldom have enough money handy for the really cool stuff he wants. He usually wants something pretty specific and it's easier for him to just get it himself. Secondly, I'm seeing how much stuff we each have through trying to pack it, move it, and now unpack it! I don't think I want to celebrate any gift-giving holiday with anything traditional for a while!

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siteseer said...

I think we all have too much "STUFF". Time to go into a little 'want or need' thinking and really think hard! I'm talking about ME here lol