13 May 2011

Maggie's New Fun

I forgot for several days to tell hubby Maggie's newest phrase that's...well...close to what she's trying to say.

I think I already mentioned that we got the neighbor's old play structure. I was lucky enough to talk our volunteer movers into moving it to the other corner of our yard. The first day, we saw a couple bunnies eating some of the grass around it, and Maggie and I were loving the view!

Today she came running up the stairs to my office all excited. She said she saw a bird with a blue head right by her 'play destruction.' I was able to keep a straight face (well, except for the excitement about the bird!) and even got her to repeat it for hubby when we were out tonight.

I love the stuff she comes up with!

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siteseer said...

how cute is that!! I love the little 'Maggieisms" too funny