05 May 2011

A Nice Respite

In the midst of all things moving, we were able to hang out with an old friend of hubby's tonight. It's a guy he grew up with, and they'd fallen out of touch years ago over ex-wife issues. Now that both guys are remarried to the right women, they were able to finally reconnect ;)

The friend and his wife happened to be in our area for another event this week, and contacted hubby about getting together for dinner. Luckily they only live a few hours away, so now that we know we all get along, I'm sure we'll make the effort to get together again. They didn't have their kids with them this time, but Maggie was very well behaved (despite needing to go pee EIGHT times during dinner).

I was worried at first about trying to squeeze another engagement into our crazy/busy week, but now I'm glad we did. It was nice to just hang out and talk about the good things in our lives for an hour or so.

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