05 May 2011

Because I Needed More To Do!!

I think I totally overlooked recapping the event I did last weekend. I participated along with some other chocolatiers in the International Women's Show at Novi, Michigan. The event was definitely busy! It was a four-day show, but I just worked on Saturday and Sunday. We had an awesome Pop up display, luckily with chairs that went behind the high counter as well. Two five-hour days on my feet would have done me in!

We collected lots of lead slips to give away a huge basket with more than $200 in Dove products. Since I'd spoken with the woman who filled out the winning slip, I'm responsible for delivering her basket, but she isn't returning my calls! Wow! It amazes me how many people give out their information hoping to win, but then won't take calls from strangers. Really?? And she didn't even provide an email address, so I can't spell it out much more clearly for her!
What can you do, eh?

I'm hoping next week won't be too late to follow-up with a lot of leads. I've tried a few for people who said they wanted to book shows, because I still would like to book a show or two for May, but haven't had luck so far. Next week I can snuggle in at my new desk and call til I get the job done!


siteseer said...

Pick a second winner after a final call to her without a response.

Tammy said...

Did you ever get ahold of the winner?