03 April 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

I feel like my whole life is about to move really, really fast. We're building up to the closing on the new house, and I'm still working on building the perfect baby in my uterus ;) While taking care of me and the baby is my top priority, the house currently requires a lot more planning and attention.

I've got a notebook I'm carrying with me now where I jot down ideas of things we need to do, or pack, or just take care of. Adding to the list are things like find a covered trailer or two for moving our stuff out to the new house in May, and keeping a utility knife handy for use with all of the packing supplies and such that will be taking over my life next month.

What's your best moving tip? We luckily have a few weeks to get everything moved, but I have a feeling it will take even less time than that once it all gets rolling. And of course I don't want to have half of my stuff in each house, as Murphy's law will guarantee that whatever I need at any given moment will be an hour away at the other house ;)


siteseer said...

My advice would be to move everything at one time. I should probably take two trips.... one for the house and one for the garage. It'll be so much easier to organize everything with everything there to organize. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My best advice is to throw away anything not worth moving before you make the effort to move it. Shannon