05 April 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Should you have to take a printer for adjustments? I go through literally three or four sheets of labels each time I have one sheet worth to print, because they end up so crooked that only a third or so of them are usable. Ugh...

Why do I finally feel like working at nearly midnight? I will regret this tomorrow, I'm sure...

Do you know a team or organization which needs a fundraiser? I'm putting together goodies right now to give groups the opportunity to earn $7 - $12 plus free chocolate for selling our Divine Desserts Collection to their friends and family. Good for the month of April only - who doesn't love chocolate?? And no deliveries afterward - Dove ships straight to the designated recipients!

I've made it almost halfway through this busy week. Actually I think I'm into the fun part now (aw, who am I kidding, I've been having fun anyway!). Still to go: a meeting tomorrow night, lunch with a friend and then a PartyLite show at my house (you can order online and ship straight to you, just put Becki B as your hostess) on Thursday, Maggie's first karate class Friday night, and then a weekend at the indoor water park - yay!!


Anonymous said...

This may help with your label printing headaches....Pat has one and loves it! He sometimes finds them on sale around the holidays and buys them as gifts :)


siteseer said...

you sure have a busy week. See you tomorrow.