16 March 2011

What Color Limo?

Okay. I know most blog quizzes end up being written by teenagers and the answers make NO sense in reality, but this one caught my eye for Maggie. She keeps saying she wants a 'lemon-zine.' I don't even remember how it started, but she was thrilled to see the picture of me in the limo in Vegas. Thrilled, but a little jealous too ;)

So here it is - what color limo should I ride in??

You Should Ride in a Black Limo

You crave success, and you don't mind indulging in luxury on your way up to the top.

You have no problem following the rules, especially if it means you'll get ahead in life.

You create a logical environment in every aspect of your life. You try not to get unnecessarily swayed by emotions.

You are diplomatic and tactful. When it comes to dealing with other people, you are all class.

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