16 March 2011

Changing Dreams

I think the first career I dreamed of was being a teacher, then a nanny. By high school, I didn't think I liked kids enough to have any, but working with them and giving them back at the end of the day sounded tolerable.

While I was still in college, I worked in the library for a bit and liked that, but full-time librarians have a lot more schooling than I wanted. I really loved my job doing medical data entry, and considered looking at some health care careers, but I'm not fond of things that could be gross, and most jobs in that field require at least some training in 'gross.'

Now I figure my dream job has really come around a lot more to working-to-live and not living-to-work. My first and best job is being a mom and wife. The jobs I've had in direct sales, especially my current job with Dove Chocolate, really gives me the opportunity to use my time as I see fit, and have a little extra money to spend when I want it. It may not be the sort of job people think to dream of, but it helps make my dreams come true every day.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I used to think the opposite - that I might like to be a teacher but didn't want to have to deal with my own AND other people's kids too. So I decided not to be a teacher for that reason!

Glad you're enjoying your Dove work!

Tammy said...

As long as I can be some what happy at my job I guess it's a good thing. Chocolate makes everyone happy so that is a dream job.