16 March 2011

Kids Talk!

Maggie's starting to be much more descriptive about the people she sees around her. The other day she saw a heavyset woman in a restaurant and asked the dreaded, "Mommy, does she have a baby in her belly?" Luckily the woman in question was out of hearing range of that one. Today we were shopping for groceries when she demanded, "I want those black ladies to stop laughing!" Yikes! She's still obviously young enough to just not know better, but I was mortified. Fortunately luck was on my side again, as I think their laughter drowned out her comment.

I want Maggie to start noticing more benign things as she goes through the rest of this stage. Why can't I hear, "Mommy, why is that man wearing an ankle brace?" That I could deal with (even if I don't necessarily know the answer) without wanting to hide!

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