18 March 2011

Welcome to Michigan

How do you make sure a weekend getaway will turn out nice in Michigan without some sort of weather insurance? Simple - book all indoor activities!

The trip I talked about recently is finally booked! We are spending a couple days at an indoor water park with friends, and it includes an awesome, famous chicken dinner - Yay!! I'm actually not the biggest fan of wearing a swimsuit and doing water stuff, but watching Maggie have fun with friends is always a good time! And just feeling 80 degree weather and pretending it can be that gorgeous in April? Sign me up!

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siteseer said...

it reached 80 here in Georgia today. All week has been shorts weather :) I did hear the comment that it's easy to tell the northern people from the southern people... we were in shorts... they were wearing long pants and jackets lol. Got burned the first day out - will I ever learn?