18 March 2011

What a Great Helper!

Last night as we finished up dinner, we all wanted to go out shopping, so we were in a hurry to get everything wrapped up and put away. Unfortunately, the dishwasher first had to be emptied. So as I put away the leftovers from dinner and hubby emptied the bigger dishes from the dishwasher, he handed the silverware tray from the dishwasher and the silverware tray from the drawer to Maggie and instructed her to, "Sort them."

She did.

She sorted them all out of the drawer and back into the dishwasher tray, and was quite pleased with herself for completing the task!

Note to grownups: Need to specify the source and the goal location for sorting from now on!


siteseer said...

how funny!! I miss her so much. Only another week :)

Marly said...

Aww..she's so adorable. She's very good helping you on this :)