18 March 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Artichoke leaves no longer have mean pickers on them. (I've been meaning to tell you this!)
  2. I'm really bummed - I wanted to get a manicure tomorrow, but I wasn't able to plan far enough in advance, so there's nothing available :(
  3. I feel like I've gotten a few things accomplished today, even though Maggie and I are still in our PJs so far.
  4. I'm not excited about lunch. I've eaten at home for like a day and a half straight! ;)
  5. I now have the rainbow song stuck in my head from 'Sid the Science Kid' a few minutes ago.
  6. Wait til you see the picture and story of Maggie's antics last night!
  7. I'm still really bummed about not getting a manicure tomorrow :(
  8. Maggie keeps asking me if we can wear shirts today. What she means by this is 'without jackets.' Other people get confused when they overhear her asking if we can wear shirts. Like maybe we usually run around without shirts? Go figure.
  9. We make be presentable yet today - Maggie is asking for her bath.
  10. I may have my last chocolate show for the month tonight. I technically have one scheduled next Sunday, but with no guest list, I don't have a party.

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