12 March 2011

Weird Things I Thought Everyone Knew...

I saw someone post on Facebook tonight lamenting the cost of animal vaccinations for her new puppy. She actually said she wished she could get short term health insurance Blue Cross or something. Several people had piped in before I even read the post that you can get insurance for your pets - just ask at your vet's office!

I somehow already knew that. I think it's one of those catch-22 things though, if you can afford monthly insurance for your pet, you can probably already afford their regular medical care. The pet insurance companies aren't the same as the human ones, and of course they have to base some expense on different breeds and things that experience different problems, but the general concept sounds similar! Go figure - did you know about pet insurance, or are you struggling to just keep insurance for yourself and your family?

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Anonymous said...

Love the Greyhound pic! I remember looking into getting pet insurance for Charlie, but I think I didn't get it because I was afraid they wouldn't cover leg breaks - the one costly and common thing for Italian Greyhounds.