15 March 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I'm usually super-annoyed when hubby's alarm clock wakes me up, but today at 6:09AM I heard that it's expected to be 60 degrees on Thursday - woo-hoo!!!

We were a little better about waking up this morning. The time change is still killing me! I want to sleep late, and at bed time I am not tired. :(

When you get fruit somewhere - say for example at the 'give a quarter and eat it while you shop' apple bin - do you wash it? Some old hag at our local grocery store scolded me yesterday for letting Maggie pick an apple from the bin, and EAT IT. I explained that the store probably washed them, since they were intended for immediate snacks. She pointed out that 'other kids' may have touched them then! Oh, noes! The same kids who drool and lick the play equipment at the mall? The same kids who put the plastic fruit at the library in their mouth? Yeah, whatever. I told her Maggie has a strong immune system, and it hasn't killed her yet.

I can kind of see the surface of my desk in some places! I want to continue straightening up in here (my office) but today I also need to start getting ready for my chocolate show tonight, and it seems like I have people stopping by, but I can't remember what time. I think that means I should be getting showered and dressed! Hahahaha....

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