15 March 2011

No Statement for Me!

Hubby got his Social Security statement the other day. You know the one - it tells you if you work until retirement age what your monthly benefit will be? The funniest part of the statement for every one I've ever received has been the part where they tell how much they think you made each year since you've been working (and paying into social security and taxes).

The funny thing is just remembering when I thought I was making some bank and able to spend it on whatever I wanted and having fun in high school. Now? It turns out I was making a few hundred dollars a year back then! If I made that much now I'd be devastated! Hubby's good laugh the other night was seeing how much he'd made the year he worked at a local hamburger shop - usually washing onions out of the floor mats in the kitchen. Sadly, the memories are probably worth more than the actual wages they paid him!

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