14 March 2011

Party Time!

I host a direct sales party at my house once a month or so for a few reasons:
  • I'm supporting the industry I work in (this one means a lot to me!). How can I keep telling hostesses why they should have a show, and how fun and easy it is, if I never do it myself?
  • I love getting free stuff from the various hostess programs.
  • It makes me clean my house!
  • It keeps me in contact with my friends and gives me excuses to invite them over. Different friends tend to show up for different sorts of shows.
  • The more parties I have, the more successful they tend to be - my friends know I have these parties regularly. They know I have no expectation of them showing up and/or purchasing every time. They also know it will be fun and I love enjoying their company regardless of our theme for the evening.

This month's party is in just a couple days, for a new company called 31. They sell nifty looking bags, and the cool detail is that embroidering is available on all the bags and totes. You can get your name, nickname, a favorite phrase, or whatever you want on a bag just for you - or for a gift!

And the hardest reason on the list (cleaning my house!)? I'm already ahead of the game! It was cleaned well last week with all sorts of green cleaning supplies, so I can sit back and get excited about making a new Dove Chocolate treat for my friends and family to enjoy!

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