01 March 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I realized after making my menu plan the other day that we're going to MIL's house on Wednesday or Thursday for dinner. :)

I somehow forgot that I'd bought artichokes at the store yesterday when we were having lunch today. So now I'm cooking up an artichoke for a mid-afternoon snack - YUM!!

I'm so excited that the Sharpie marker 24-pack that I ordered yesterday delivered TODAY!! I was afraid it was just the boring old printer cartridge, but that is still on it's way. I see some coloring in my future this afternoon.

My kitty is home! She stayed at the vet last night in preparation for her dental cleaning and removal of a tumor today. Now she's got a big ole frankenstein stitch across the top of her head. Luckily the vet also found a small tumor on her hip that he was able to freeze off while she was out for everything else.

I think the first thing I need to do with my new markers is a gigantic to-do list. I'm still not caught up from all my time sick last week. I still need to get ready for a fundraiser on Saturday, a women's expo expecting lots of attendance on Sunday, and then my team meetings are next Tuesday and Saturday. What was I thinking? Hahahahahaha....Busy is usually a good thing :)

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siteseer said...

glad the kitty is better. you do have a busy week.