02 March 2011

Bigger, Better, Faster, More?

What is it about guys that they always require an Optimized Cable Company?

Last night, approximately two and a half minutes before I was supposed to be out the door, hubby got home and rattled off something about straightening a path in my office (which is admittedly a pit) before I left so he could get to the VGA cables or something. Really, honey? When my system isn't working, of course I'm happy to help access anything that will lead to a solution, but when I'm not sure if it will even help my programs, or just his racing game, it's a little frustrating!

I realize I may end up eating my words once he accomplishes whatever he needs to get in the dark recesses of my office for. Maybe HDMI to DVI cables will help improve my Big Love viewing experience or something - I really don't know! And I'm biting my tongue from complaining too much about technology when he starts talking about getting more episodes instead of waiting for them to come out on Netflix. I suppose my ignorance is its own curse. I don't even know how my computer or entertainment stuff could be improved until he magically does something to make it so. Guess I'll find out soon!

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siteseer said...

guess I'm lucky mine is techy challenged. :)