16 March 2011

Hump Day!!

Whew! It's been a busy week already! After trying very hard to run several errands on Monday (finished all but one), I totally forget a vital phone call yesterday (guess that's on the list for today!). Last night by the time I remembered I was at my chocolate party.

Tonight is my Thirty-One party. Have you seen their bags and totes? I've only got one that I won, but I haven't actually used it yet! I'm always interested in checking out what's new with direct sales, and I'm sure my friends and I will have fun.

I'm also determined to get back to my business calls today. I officially don't commit myself to doing them when I have evening plans, but with three parties this week, the calls have to get done sometime! Hubby got me an awesome treat to help out - it's a wireless headset that I can use with my Google Voice phone. I'm really excited not to kink my neck to talk and take notes, and to just make calls without walking to the kitchen to get the phone and be distracted by six other things...

Tonight is also Dove Chocolate Discoveries' weekly opportunity call. There are just EIGHT DAYS left with our $49 business kit available - if your own business is something you've considered, do it now and save $110 off the minimum investment starting April 1!

I'm always available if you've got questions, but tonight you can be even more anonymous by calling 1-800-511-7985 and entering passcode 473504 at 8:00PM Eastern time. They'll do an overview of the business, and then there's plenty of time for questions and answers. If there's something specifically you want to ask, speak up! If not, listen in and see if you hear the answers to questions you hadn't even thought of. If you call because of this post, please let me know and I'll offer you an extra incentive if you or a friend signs up by the end of the month!

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