15 March 2011

More Shopping Questions!

I love seeing how many more things you can get online every day! I don't think there's yet a local grocery place I can order from, but I can get organic produce. I remember - as a book lover - being so excited about Amazon.com. I could browse books for days without leaving my computer, and have the paper copy of them show up just days later!

I also purchased a lot of maternity clothes via eBay or stores that weren't near me when I was pregnant with my daughter. It really opened up a whole range of options that wouldn't have been available without the internet. And one of my favorites currently is my color copies. When I need color copies of flyers for my business, the cheapest and yet still quick way to get them is from a printer who I believe is in the Chicago area. I upload my documents and they print and send however many copies I want - usually in only a couple days.

What is your favorite, or most unexpected, thing to get online? Share your secrets!

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