31 March 2011

Cell Phone or Landline?

I was a little surprised last weekend when my cell phone rang with an automated reminder about my dentist appointment on Monday. Luckily I heard it, as I don't usually answer my cell phone when I'm home. When I mentioned this at my appointment, they said their new automated system uses that number to call because it's most people's number of choice. They switched my numbers around for the future ;)

What about you? I've thought that maybe if I had a cool cell phone case or something I may be more inclined to want it close by, but I'm not sure. It's not like my cell phone is new to my life - I've had one since the days of the giant bag phones - but I've just never made it my primary contact. I still like the old-fashioned comfort of a bigger phone that I can do the magic should crunch with to multi-task. And please don't suggest a blue-tooth - those things drive me nuts!

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I still love having a landline. Nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone on a cell phone and the reception is terrible. I usually forget to turn my cell back on after work anyway ;)