01 April 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. We watched Conviction last night. I originally put it in my Netflix queue because a guy I graduated from high school with has a small part, but the movie actually ended up being pretty good :)
  2. Maggie and I have been running like crazy all week - as expected! Today includes story time at the coffee shop (if I get my butt in gear fast enough!), a doctor's appointment, and going to see Hop with friends.
  3. Wow - we look like real movie fiends lately, eh?
  4. I still want to get around to putting pictures of our new house up here, but without the actual address revealed. Yeah. Go figure.
  5. On top of all of Maggie and my busy-ness today, hubby and some others are meeting up to be at the new house for the home inspection this afternoon. Ever have a couple stressful things going on at once? Arrgghh!!
  6. I'm hoping spring is actually here finally! I haven't complained about being cold in, like, days! 'Course, there's a 'chance of snow' on the forecast for tomorrow and next Tuesday :(
  7. Having read that, I hope it doesn't actually snow tomorrow. I have a lot of driving to do on my own.
  8. I've still got the song from the ending credits of Conviction stuck in my head. At least a few bars of it, anyway...
  9. Have you tried Tastefully Simple's Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce? We had it last night with bacon-wrapped chicken - YUM!
  10. I would say TGIF, but somehow the weekend is just as busy!

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