31 March 2011

The Usefullness of a Three-Year-Old

Today is shaping up to be a busy day fast! Last night I talked to my chocolate show hostess for Sunday, and she wanted something special to make for a birthday party on Saturday. She lives in the same city where a store is that I need to make an exchange at (I somehow picked up 2T shorts the other day instead of 4T!), so I said I can drop some chocolate mousse off today. She's going to make the mousse and use it to fill cupcakes and a cake - yummo!!

Originally today was a stay at home day after all the busy-ness so far this week, but I figured it would be good for us to get out. So the list was: Drop off mousse, Do exchange at clothing store, post office (this is on the list an unhealthy amount of the time!).

At 9AM the phone rang. I picked it up, because by 9 Maggie is about to wake me up anyway (yeah, we're not morning people). It was a woman who's running a fundraiser I'm participating in a couple weeks from now. She realized there will be a lot of traffic through their place on Saturday, and wants supplies to take orders ASAP! So I figured I'm already committed to leaving the house, and I offered to drop it off this afternoon (tomorrow is happily busy!). She's a half hour in the other direction, but it's got to get done, so I'm glad she called today while there's still time.

Luckily Maggie is very tolerant of our errand running days. The first thing she said today was, "Where are we going today?" Oh, kid, if you only understood ;) Once I sat down to work on this post, the doorbell rang. I'm not a fan of answering the door in my PJs, so I asked Maggie if it was the man with the brown truck or the man with the white truck. So glad I have her to screen my visitors! It was the man with the brown truck, which was very good news. He's the polite one and rings the bell before leaving my packages on the porch. Tastefully Simple for dinner, here we come!

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siteseer said...

Wish I had someone to screen my visitors lol. That is too cute.