22 February 2011

Pump You Up!

Somehow I always feel the most motivation to work out when I have the best excuse not to, if that makes any sense. I've laid around today not doing much of anything because 1) I can hardly breathe, 2) Maggie has the same cold I do, and 3) we're practically snowed in anyway from the storm that came through yesterday.

So what do I do? Research things like jack3d and wonder how long it could take me to look totally awesome. I don't really need to lose weight, but I've never been physically fit. I've been blessed with a handy metabolism and a pretty limited appetite. Translation: I don't eat much, and my body takes care of the junk I do eat. Go figure.

Have you ever tried any sort of supplements like amino acids and things? Have they improved your results?


Tammy said...

You are very lucky to not have a big appetite. I'm really good at thinking of reason why I should not work out. But I really should. I hope you and Maggie are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips

Tammy said...

Becki you are the winner of the Thirty-One lunch tote. I think you and Maggie are going to love it. Congrats!