18 February 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Hubby comes home today!!
  2. Funny Maggie-ism #1 from my mom: "So while visiting Maggie last night she wanted a special nightgown. She said it was in the dryer so I opened the closet door that has the dryer and opened the dryer door and stepped aside and said "there you go, step in". Meaning the small space I had made for her. She looked up and me and said "you want me to get IN there?" with a very questioning inflection in her voice. ROFL"
  3. Funny Maggie-ism #2 from my mom: "Maggie was on a roll last night. Her Mom put a tattoo on her little hand and I said "let me do one too". So I took one and Becki said just run water over it for about 30 seconds. Come to find out you also have to remove some plastic backing. Anyway it didn't work and my precious little one says "is that because you're so old?" When I could talk I said "no, it's because I didn't read the directions."
  4. I still have to get a shower, but I'm waiting til after lunch since I painted my nails (and Maggie's, of course) this morning.
  5. I kept telling hubby there was still a decent amount of snow on the ground, even though it was wet, yucky February snow. Last night almost all of it melted!
  6. Maggie's cold seems to finally be fading! Yay!
  7. I don't remember if I set the timer on our pizzas in the oven. Be right back.
  8. Whew. I did. I really like the Little Caesar's pizza kits, but they aren't very good if they're overcooked.
  9. I still haven't redecorated my living room since I took down the holiday decorations last month. Oops.
  10. Glad those pizzas are almost done - I'm hungry!!

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siteseer said...

I love the things that little ones say. She is precious. And aren't you glad the snow disappeared before the next batch got here.