26 February 2011


What a crazy busy week! Actually, if I try and remember actually accomplishing anything I'm sorely disappointed in myself, but Maggie and I were sick with a vicious cold most of the week. Now I'm suddenly playing catch-up with a very short deadline!

Thursday night I forced myself to go out and do a chocolate party. Luckily I think it was just the kick in the pants I needed!

Friday hubby spent the morning working from home, then we had an appointment to attend to and some very important family time seeing Gnomeo and Juliet :)

Today the real whirlwind picked up - Hubby went with some friends to see about fixing up a friend's condo. While they were gone, Maggie and I had to go deliver chocolate receipts to a woman whose orders were set to deliver from FedEx today as well - I was racing the big truck and I won! Everyone met back at the house around noon and we grabbed a light lunch before heading to my brother's birthday dinner. Unfortunately we couldn't stay to visit long after dinner, as I had a vendor event tonight and our friend had a meeting.
That should be the end of a day, right? Nope. After the vendor event we got home and still had to get our tax stuff together for our appointment tomorrow morning! I made the appointment, but being sick kept me from getting ready for it - arrgghhh!!!

Fortunately that's finished (at least as well as it'll get done for this year) and I'm looking forward to getting to sleep soon. But the catch-up isn't done! I still have a couple ladies to contact about wrapping up chocolate orders before the end of the month - in only two days!


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Sucks to be that busy when you're sick. Hope you're feeling better!

siteseer said...

glad that tax thing is done. I would have probably put it off til next month if it weren't for you putting a fire under me.