17 February 2011

Big Sunny Plans

Now that hubby is coming back from Germany again, I'm sure we'll start ramping up our plans to move closer to his work. In viewing all the home listings in the area we're targeting, I keep looking at the inside stuff, but it sure would be nice to have a yard with a swing set for Maggie.

I remember growing up and not realizing that playground equipment and such was actually planned and paid for. In my young mind, houses either had swing sets or the didn't, know what I mean? It wasn't really a priority for me - most of the activities I enjoyed the most were reading or playing with my dolls.

Now I'd love to have one of those playhouse dealios. Maybe I could hide up there on a nice day and read. It looks like some even have a walkway across the top...I could put on my suit, bring up an umbrella drink and spend a very nice afternoon!

Who says outdoor play things are just for kids? ;)

CSN Stores is providing me with a gift card in exchange for this post/review. Yay for honest disclosure :).


Shannon M. Smith said...

I downloaded the realtor.com app on my phone and look all the time, despite the fact that we are not looking. I like when there are lots of pictures posted.

siteseer said...

They have so much fun stuff for kids. Good time to be a kid