09 January 2011


I haven't mentioned it a lot here, but my husband and I are open to having another baby. Our common comment when people say we should have another one is that, "We're not trying not to."

I'm sort of afraid of fertility treatments or anything like that. Have my miscarriages been because my old genes are producing a baby with serious problems? Would I be tempting fate to have a baby when nature is essentially telling me no? I had my first baby outside of a hospital and was very comfortable with that experience. Fertility treatment seems like almost extreme medical interference - exactly what I avoided with our first child.

I'd be scared (and I'm sure just about anyone would!) to be faced with cerebral palsy or birth defects for my baby.

I don't really expect much response to this. I know it's all okay in the end, and it's pretty okay already, so maybe it's the way things are meant to be :)


Wendy said...

Do what feels right for you. God never gives you more than you can handle with His grace. We are not planning to have children due to my husband's age, and while I sometimes wonder, I know it's the right choice for us. So, follow your own path - it's worked so far :)

siteseer said...

no matter what age you always have thoughts about the unborn. I'm with Wendy

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

It's a tough decision, isn't it? After "trying" for a year we did some tests which all came back "normal." I started taking Clomid, and three months later we got pregnant with twins.

Just to play devil's advocate, getting pregnant with fertility drugs now may make for a healthier pregnancy/baby because you could be younger than if you just wait for it to happen naturally (or maybe not...) Hopefully, your body would still act the same way if the pregnancy/baby were not healthy.

However, do consider that you could get twins! Twins after a "singleton" is VERY hard according to a lot of my twin mom friends. The difference in the amount of effort required is tremendous when you've already had one baby by herself. :-) (I never knew the difference so while it was hard, I had nothing to compare to!)

Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with the blog by Kelle Hampton called Enjoying the Small Things. She unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter with Down's syndrome about a year ago -- the birth story is a tear jerker, but really amazing and it sheds a whole new light on even worse case scenario special needs children. I highly recommend hopping on www.kellehampton.com and reading the article about Nella's birth story! shannon

kat8eyes said...

....and don't discount adoption. It's an incredible experience!