10 January 2011

Drop Back and Punt

I'm feeling oddly ambitious this evening. I had a rough morning, with yucky sinus/cold symptoms, and actually went back to bed (erm...couch) for a while. But after my rest, a shower set me mostly right, so we made our regular run to the credit union and the post office, and even stopped to pick up a few groceries.

Tonight I sat down at the computer and figured I'd just work on straightening a few things and touching base online, and I ended up turning back to the sales course I've been working on. I did the first three days (of seven, so that is almost half!) right on time and in an outstanding manner! But then I hit a lull, somehow. I think it's in part because day six and seven are for intensive call-making. I feel pretty fired up about it lately (and have been making at least five committed calls a day, including calling all of my weekend party guests today to thank them for ordering), but I can't do it exactly like the course prescribes with Maggie around. The instructor says to make calls for 30 minutes, then take a break for one hour (or something like that). It's so precisely spelled out, and I don't see that ever working out with a pre-schooler around!

I know what I need to do is just dive in and do as much as I can. So I got a little more of the background stuff done today, and tomorrow I plan to finish up the audio lessons for day four, and start making my call list for guests and hostesses I haven't talked to in more than five months.

And by tomorrow, I mean after I get done with my freebie life coaching call in the morning (which should further clarify my motivation!), and then do lunch and have a little play time with friends. Hubby will be happy to hear I plan to get back in the game and make dinner too (instead of leftovers like tonight).

Hopefully re-reading this tomorrow will keep me on track!

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siteseer said...

Whew I'm tired just reading it lol. We do a lot of cooking that involves planned overs. Cook once... eat 2 or 3 times