25 January 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


So. Excited. To be going to Vegas!!! Both because it will be warmer than here, and because I'm really looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned!

I think I'm understanding why bears hibernate for winter. Unless they're going to Vegas, that is.

Maggie is running around the house in plastic heels. It sounds like I've been invaded by the Stepford Wives.

My Facebook isn't working, and I feel oddly adrift.

Wow. I'm too tired/overworked/stressed to be random today! That's pretty low....

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I hate the anxiety that I experience before a big trip or event. Don't have any suggestions.... just get through it and you'll have a great time when you get there. It's supposed to snow everyday after you leave til the day you come home. oh yeah, Linda told me to bring the little one over on Saturday so she can play with the girls. That should be fun.