25 January 2011


I don't know how I can so look forward to a trip, even while dreading the packing! This time the trauma started weeks in advance, when I decided a new dress would be nice for the fancy dinner night. Really? I think I was less stressed when I was looking at wedding dresses!

After ordering and then rejecting two very different dresses, I dug out my old dry-cleaning pile from the back of the closet and selected two that still fit and looked good to take to the dry cleaners. Luckily we did that just in time - they just finished them this evening, and I've got to get everything packed tomorrow.

Do you think I've learned my lesson, and maybe next time I won't be up half the night doing laundry and hoping some clothes I don't recognize but do love will come out of the dryer? Hmm....

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siteseer said...

clothes or more accurately, shoes are always my issue. Nah, we'll never learn