03 January 2011

Love Chocolate?

Dove Chocolate Discoveries has extended the special $49 Sweet Smile business kit! You can start your own chocolate business for just $49! The kit comes with:


1 Chocolate Martini Mix Bottle
1 Box of Cinnamon-Dusted Almonds
1 Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix
6 Chai Tea Packets

Printed Material

1 Welcome Packet
25 Fall/Holiday 2010 Catalogs
50 Order Forms
FREE Professional Web Tools
(includes 60-day trial of website, e-newsletter & e-promos)

If you just do your own show for your friends and family, you would make more than you spent and have products left over!! If you sign up in January and do just two qualified shows ($200) in your first 30 days, you will also get the spring kit $140 value) for FREE!!

Please think about whether this would make your financial life easier (and more fun!) or if it might help out someone else you know. I can work with anyone in the 48 contiguous states (sorry, we don't do business in Alaska or Hawaii yet), and I do reward for referrals as well.

There's more information at my website, or feel free to comment and I can contact you with more information (my comments are moderated by me - if you include personal information I will not publish your comment, but I will receive your information :) ).

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siteseer said...

that is really a good deal for someone looking for a little something more.