02 January 2011

Another Fun Day

Sometimes a fun day can be defined by just sitting around in your PJs playing video games (and we've certainly had our share of these lazy days during the last week of break!). Today, we had a relatively low stress day.

Hubby had to do some work for his contract job, but Maggie and I got time to chill out and read some books before we did a little shopping (just groceries). Once we got home, we had a quick lunch (and gave hubby a little more work time) before Mimi and Papa came over!

Maggie was thrilled to try on all of her princess outfits with Mimi. I tried to play along too, but Maggie sent me away. I can't complain much - a few minutes of time to myself are always welcome! I was allowed to join in with their PlayDoh games for a bit before I got to working on dinner. I started a pot of chili and some parmesan biscuits before sitting down for my turn with hubby's new video driving game. First he gave me a super slow car, and I didn't even finish the race! Then he gave me a super fast car on the same track and we all had lots of laughs since I never used the brake or even slowed down! I earned a trophy (on hubby's profile) for his first car rolled over - hahahahaha.....

All in all, it's been a pretty fun day, and now we're going to take a break from games for a few and watch Toy Story 3 - which I haven't seen yet!


Tammy said...

I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet either but I have heard its really good. Just hanging with family is alway a great time.

siteseer said...

We had a great time. I have to get all the posing shots off the camera yet. She sure is entertaining :)