04 January 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I'm cold (I told you I'd say it more than once!).

I am so steeped in business lately - determined to keep everything going in the right direction, and pick up the pace! Then today I heard about someone relatively close to me who earned a suite for conference, and a limo ride to and from the airport! It's fun to watch someone close achieve in a big way - and next time it WILL be me!

I got a really cool day planner for this year. The artist that does it is Anne Taintor and they're pretty much retro with dark humor captions. I'm amused every time I open it up.

My office is actually looking moderately better. Today I cleared the clutter from a folding table that was in the middle of the room, then put the table by the stairs to go to the basement. Go, me!

Speaking of random, here's how Maggie came out when we told her to get ready for bed. She'd had a little help from us getting her PJs on, but then she added the tote bag and the infant-sized beach hat. I didn't grab the camera fast enough - the first place she went was up the 'steps' (her stool) to the 'stage' (the coffee table). After a brief twirl on her catwalk, she was back on the floor with the rest of us mere mortals. That's our girl!

Her imagination is astounding to me every day. I can frequently hear her mumbling to her imaginary friends in the other room. Yesterday at Pei Wei, she was playing tag with her imaginary friend (stress on the 'ar' in her pronunciation) in the handicap stall in the bathroom while I...well...did what the room was intended for! When I told her it was her turn, she said her friend would touch her back and say, "Tag," and then she would be done. Okay!

I may actually make it out for an evening of scrapbooking on Friday! I keep forgetting that means I should get some supplies ready....


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Oh my gosh - I almost didn't recognize Maggie! Her hair is SO LONG! Gorgeous!

siteseer said...

I love her imagination and am glad you're capturing some of it here. What a trip!! :)

free karaoke download said...

Amazing... she grow fast...