18 January 2011

Don't Act Surprised!

When you come to a chocolate tasting party, don't be surprised that I don't mix in tips about the best fat burners in my presentation. It's chocolate, folks. It's fine, in moderation, and I'm willing to bet that even the strictest dieter tries some delicious chocolate from time to time. At least I hope it's delicious! If you're going to treat yourself, I'm of the belief that you may as well do it right!

I had someone tell me on a call the other day that she couldn't have a chocolate party because, "all my friends are dieting." I started chuckling and told her there's no way she could convince me that they weren't eating any chocolate at all. If you're going to splurge and treat yourself, go for the good stuff! A couple bites won't doom your diet.


siteseer said...

I think it was one of the Marx brothers (probably Groucho)that said after he ate his one chocolate a day "I have nothing to live for til tomorrow's chocolate.". I find that when I'm dieting I have one chocolate after dinner. Just one... I grab it and leave the bowl til tomorrow. And 'yes' it's Dove.

Anonymous said...

All the new years weight loss resolutions will soon fade!!! Shannon

Tammy said...

If they are women they are eating chocolate.