18 January 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I just signed up with Paybox. I haven't taken a chance to look over the site much and see what that means, but they didn't ask for any more information than my email, and it already shows I have $25 on account! Woo-hoo! Come join me :)

I'm apparently so random today I forgot I was writing this and left my office for a while. Huh.

Be sure to enter my giveaway by January 22!

I'm hungry, but it's too close to dinner time to make popcorn. Maybe. Maybe not.

I have another phone call I haven't been wanting to make, but it's on today's schedule. That's probably why I got back to my random list - to procrastinate more productively ;) I'm supposed to call someone who requested information about becoming a chocolatier, but the first time I called, the person started out acting like they didn't know what I was talking about. This was within an hour of them requesting the information. They haven't signed up so far, so I keep following up!

Oh, by the way? I'm still pretty chilly. And today is supposed to be the warmest day this week. :(


siteseer said...

Michigan's going in the deep freeze for the weekend. Lookout!

Tammy said...

It's going to get colder. Add another layer.