19 January 2011

Customer Service?

Earlier this afternoon, after dropping a deposit off at the credit union, Maggie and I decided to grab lunch at a franchise sandwich shop. This particular location was closed for a couple months last year, but re-opened in December and sent out some good coupons to get us back. They worked!

While we were there, the two people working the counter were nice. They made sure we had what we wanted, and they were friendly. As we were eating, the owner or manager arrived. His first priority was making sure the barstools were straight around the hightop tables while mumbling about keeping the restaurant looking nice. Really? Then he proceeded to sit at the front window and talk on his phone. The only customers during this time were Maggie and I, and an older couple. When the owner or manager finished his call, he went to talk to the two people working. He told them someone important (a COO or something from the corporate office) would be arriving the next day. He wanted to make sure everything look sharp and successful.

Personally, I think happy customers will serve him a lot longer than a spic and span location. He never once said anything to us or the other couple there. As we left, it was the two nice workers who wished us well. I would have been a lot more impressed with the restaurant's re-opening if the 'important' guy had ensured we were well served, or thanked us for choosing his restaurant. Is it just me? What would you rather have seen?


Anonymous said...

That was a really a good start! I hope that their shop could last that long to be able to serve more customers. And without any doubt, with the service that they have. They will surely be successful.


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siteseer said...

yup, he should have made some kind of comment if he was just checking things out. Checking out how the customers visit is going should be high on his list.

Tammy said...

I totally agree with you. How could he not even say hi to cute Maggie. He is not a very good sub shop owner/manager.