01 January 2011

BRING IT - 2011!

I am fired up this evening! Yesterday I signed up for a sales tele-seminar which includes action items and accountability. It's to Jump Start Your Business from a Complete Standstill in January. One of the first things I thought of when I signed up was the fact that I made a special effort to not start my January with my business at a standstill! Last year in January I had only two bookings, and they were for the last two days of the month. This year, I've already got four bookings for January, and three of them are confirmed with guest lists. I'm also already committed to attending Dove's conference at the end of January, and I earned our special cooking class with Jin Caldwell - I'm super excited!

So my point being, if this tele-seminar can really offer a jumpstart to people with business at a standstill, how awesome will it be for me, with my business already on track for January?

As a part of my prerequisites, I'm encouraging anyone with their own business, especially in direct sales, to make an investment in themself and sign up for this tele-seminar! Join me in making this the best year yet!
And if you don't have your own business to jumpstart yet but want to, take a look at the great opportunity with Dove Chocolate Discoveries - I'd love to talk more with you about the great things it can do for your finances, your confidence, and the fun you'll have in 2011 and beyond :)

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