21 December 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I'm cold. Expect this to be a recurring theme until May or June. Maybe July.

I finally got all of the email addresses from my guests in November and December entered into my chocolate site. And then I promptly sent out a notice about our fabulous special - through December 26, order two bottles of our chocolate martini mix (one regular, one mudslide) and get FREE shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. Delivery will be in time for New Years. That's chocolate martinis for $2.50 or less each! ($40 for the two bottles, which will make 16 - 24 drinks total.) You can take advantage of this too - drop me a message or contact me via my information on my chocolate site.

Maggie is still in her pjs, although she has eaten her lunch. We have a holiday gathering tonight and I don't want her to mess up her favorite gingerbread dress. Instead of changing before we leave, I'll just wait to get dressed :D I prefer the term 'efficient' to 'lazy' for obvious reasons ;)

To the person who was sent here to find ideas for my holiday gift, click here.

I painted my nails this morning since they were messed up yesterday. I hope I can get through the day and the party tonight without messing them up! They're 'Chrome.' The color looks really cool, but if I remember correctly it tends to 'wear' off pretty easily.

I'm pretty big on 'apostrophes' today. Not sure why.

I haven't wrapped any presents yet. Ugh. Without Maggie napping, it's hard to schedule in. Hubby doesn't want anything to do with it, so I'll probably need to just lock myself in the office and do it while Maggie entertains herself elsewhere. And it just disturbs me on principle to wrap them the day before they're unwrapped, you know?


Shannon and Randy said...

You should have your brother help you! He's learning how tonight and has to wrap all the extra stuff he bought the girls last minute. I finished wrapping last weekend and I'm retired for the year!!!

siteseer said...

wrapping is really not a bad job when you do it whenever you want.... no kids and no one to hide it from. It makes it so much easier :)

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I got a good tip from a friend recently on wrapping presents - she does them on the kitchen counter. She has an island in her kitchen which makes it easy. That way her back doesn't ache. I do mine at the kitchen table and man, does that hurt my back!

Good luck! Sorry to hear Maggie's not napping anymore.