18 December 2010

Feeling 'Chubby and Plump'?

It's the time of year where we're all watching for the 'right jolly old elf,' while being afraid of looking a little more like him every day! I think a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with holiday party food. I heard a couple friends discussing diet pills last night at our annual ornament exchange. The funny part is we were all standing around my kitchen grazing while they talked about it!

My friends must already know the best diet pills. No one brought a veggie tray to share (not that I mind some veggies, with lots of dip, of course!), but we were able to fit a few more than a dozen people in my not-large living room while we played our ornament games. I love hanging out with friends - who doesn't? - and appetizers and dips are my favorite dinner. We were joking about how much more cream cheese must be consumed during the last few weeks of the year. Every holiday celebration seems to add a couple new recipes to my 'favorites' list. It's no wonder there's so much information available about weight loss diet pills!

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