22 December 2010

Don't Worry...

There were pros and cons to my old job providing Debt Negotiation services. A huge plus (besides all the knowledge about Debt Settlement that I garnered while dealing with creditors day and and day out) was the warm feeling from helping those who really wanted and needed our help. So many times it was just one unlucky event that sent a family into a tailspin, with expenses spiraling out of control and no quick fix to get things back on track. How devastating, to do 'the right thing' for years, and then have one unfortunate health incident or accident undo the efforts of a lifetime!

Once they sought Debt Relief help, we could get things moving back in the right direction. It was seldom quick, but by following the plan things would improve over time. I miss being able to make such a positive impact on peoples' lives, especially when I hear of so many people in trouble now.

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