13 October 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Has it really been nearly a month since I've posted one of these? Like there isn't plenty to complain about?? WTH!!

Some of mine will never change. Call people back when you say you will. Do what you say you will, especially as it directly influences someone else's job...If you really want more info on this one, ask me. I'll get out my soapbox, climb up and explain it to you ;)
And a corollary to this one? If you request information through a company's website, please don't be rude when someone calls with the requested information! Duh! WTH??

Dear beloved car of mine: I realize you have 80,000 miles. I need you to realize that we have taken very good care of you during these miles, and you should keep running (or in this case, start running again). Please. Pretty Please. Covered in motor oil, or whatever it is you want, darling. Please.

I have been trying to get rid of three things for two weeks: a computer workstation/desk, a changing table, and a 32" TV (that works). As soon as I listed them on Facebook, several people wanted them. I told each of them, "No charge, just please get it out of my way ASAP!"
The changing table is the only item to have left so far. The other two are up for grabs again and I'm hoping the people who asked second and third and I said, "Sorry - already gone!" come back! Don't tell me you'll come get my crap then back out!! WTH!!!

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siteseer said...

our thinking on getting rid of stuff is that we don't save it for anybody.... first come gets it. Hope it's gone soon.