14 October 2010

Really, Insurance??

A friend commented the other day that he'd seen a billboard advertising 'The Lowest Cost for an MRI.' He was shocked. Insurance doesn't cover this? What's next - bringing your own vital signs monitor to the hospital?

I wish I could have been more shocked, but as more and more people have to go without insurance, health care is becoming something people need to try and save money for. Appalling, I think. I remember around the time I had my heart surgery hearing about someone else who needed the same procedure, but they didn't have insurance. They were in the process of trying to save enough money. Ugh!

Even with insurance, I'm still getting bills for my procedure and hospital stay in March! Good thing nothing else has gone wrong so far to overlap that expense - we may owe on medical care forever!

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siteseer said...

We've owed medical stuff in the past and I'm always thankful that somehow the money came my way to pay them. Insurance is not a bad thing. I remember when we were expecting a baby that we had to make monthly payments so they'd let us keep the baby lol:)