13 October 2010

Just My Cats and I - A Guest Blogger Post

Guest post written by Margaret Thayer

Retiring to Maine was a little unconventional, but I really do love it here. Most folks my age fantasize about moving where it’s warm, but I always found something very charming and beautiful about this place. I also find Maine to be a great inspiration for my writing. It is so wonderful that I’ve finally found time to work on the book I’ve always wanted to write.

Being that it’s pretty much just my cats and me, I’ve spent a lot of time in my comfy reclining chair and watching TV in the evenings. My cats are my world, and I love watching my favorite shows with them all curled up in my lap!

I’ve had a little trouble hearing the TV lately, so I think I’m going to finally check out the Hearing Aids by Miracle Ear that I’ve heard so much about. They sound like they’d be a real life-saver!

Maine is really great place for me right now; it has provided me with a great environment to reflect and to write. Once I finish my book, I think I might just add a few more additions to my furry family.

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