07 October 2010

Thursday Thunks

This week's Thursday Thunks is about Sneaking Out!

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of a pumpkin pie and the number 3333.

1. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who were you meeting and why? I don't know if it was the first time, but the most memorable was the time I got caught weeks later because the neighbor mentioned to my mom that he had seen me driving, when in reality I'd only gotten my license like the day before. Oops.

2. Tell us about the last time that you got your heart broken. Extra points if you publish their naked photo. Let's be practical. My heart was 'broken' at birth. We found out about it and had it repaired last March :D

3. Tell us about someone you know named Bob. (Yes, we know this is a stupid question. Stupid is what we do best.) Huh. The BoB I spend the most time with is a forum for direct selling consultants. Yup. That's the BoB I know and love...

4. We just found the perfect retail space. We are giving you the store. What’s its name and what do you sell? I've kind of gotten used to working my version of retail from home. And making the mess selling at your house instead of my shop ;) I'm selling chocolate, baby!

5. Tell us about your last “friend with benefits". My first, last, and only 'friend with benefits' lasted way tooo long at like eight years, I think. At one point we were 'officially dating,' but I didn't know about that until weeks into it. And men say women are confusing? Whatev.

6. Kimber worries a lot. What was the last thing that you worried about? I worry almost constantly about being a mom. And if I'm away from my daughter, I worry even more about her without me.

7. Do you believe “once a cheater, always a cheater”? Yup.

8. Tell us about moving out of your parent’s home. Who did you move in with? The first time I moved out of my parents' home, I got married and moved in with my (now) ex-husband. I didn't know how to get my own place otherwise (can you say young and naive??).

9. What was your most recent regret? I should have gone grocery shopping as soon as the paycheck came in on Friday, when my car was still (I assume) running.

10. Berleen recently ranted on face book about having to got to parent-teacher conferences when your child has great grades. What was the stupidest meeting that you most recently endured? The last meeting I endured, I was running. I hope it wasn't too sucky.

11. Do you collect anything? Lately, I'll say Longaberger baskets. My passion was renewed when we visited the Longaberger Homestead last month.

12. Has anyone ever told you that you were in the wrong job? Not that I recall.

13. Is there something that you’d like to complete before the end of 2010? Sure. I'd like to maintain $1000/month in sales for my business, to keep on track for a sales consistency award.


Ria said...

Men are deifniteoy harder to read than women - we just get the blame!

siteseer said...

These TT's are always so interesting. I don't think you were nearly as naive as I was.... just sayin.