07 October 2010

The Addams Family Halloween - A Guest Blogger Post

Guest post written by Betty Gambill

We like a lot of spooky things in our house. We're always watching scary movies together and they seem to never phase any of us. Some of our friends even joke around and call us the Addams Family because we just love all that stuff. So I thought that for this year it would be funny if we dressed as them for our annual Halloween party.

I got stuck with figuring out everyone's costumes so I started looking for ways to make some of them when I saw ClearTVBundle.com and decided to switch over our internet service. I was feeling so crafty after that that I decided I'm going to make everyone's costume instead of going out and buying them.

I think that finding a Wednesday costume for our daughter will be easy, especially because she has long balck hair that she can braid and look just like her. I guess that most fo the Addams Family costumes won't be that hard to make because they're pretty basic. It's just the hair and makeup is what's really going to be a little tougher and really let people know what you're dressed up as.

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