19 October 2010

School Daze...

When are the deadlines for most engineering scholarships? I seem to remember wayyy back when I was in school (20+ years ago, I've recently been reminded), you had to begin trying to find scholarships almost as soon as you entered school in the fall - for the following year!

I'm still paying for my college education. I know it's a good thing that I have my BBA, but I don't really feel like I use it much in relating to a three-year-old day in and day out! I wonder how much time I spent filling out applications, writing essays, and researching my ethnicity to see if I qualified for any Native American or black scholarships. I think I was even awarded a few bucks for my academic achievements, but it sure doesn't feel like it now, when I'm repaying student loans for a degree I don't use decades later! I know I'll always have the knowledge thought, right?

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